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Sunday 6 October 2013 16:17
Iran to send Tadbirsat into space in two months
Iran will send the domestically made Tadbir (Prudence) satellite into space within two months, Iran Space Agency director Hamid Fazeli announced on Saturday.
Iran to send Tadbirsat into space in two months
TEHRAN (Asremrooz):He made the remarks on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the World Space Week in Tehran which is annually celebrated from October 4 to October 10 in most of the world.

Fazeli said that the Iran Space Agency has built the satellite in cooperation with Iran University of Science and Technology. He added that the Tadbir satellite is equipped with more advanced navigation systems and higher resolution cameras compared with the Navid (Promise) satellite which was also sent into orbit by the university in 2012.

He also commented on the Zafar (Victory) satellite, saying that this satellite will be sent into orbit aboard the Simorgh carrier sometime next year.

Iran launched its first satellite, called the Omid (Hope), in February 2009. The Rasad (Observation) satellite was also sent into orbit in June 2011.

In February 2012, Iran successfully put its third domestically manufactured satellite, named the Navid, into orbit and received the first image sent by it a few days later.

As part of its space program, Iran also plans to launch the Fajr (Dawn) satellite in the near future.

The Fajr, which is a reconnaissance satellite powered by solar energy, will be Iran’s first new-generation satellite to be sent into space.
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