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Sunday 15 September 2013 16:42
US, UK use impious Sheiks to spread discord
Hojjatoleslam Nasiri says that world arrogance fights religion with religion itself.
US, UK use impious Sheiks to spread discord
TEHRAN (Asremrooz):Director of Maref Vahi o Kherad organization in interview with Mehr News Agency said "The religion against religion tactic, that is, fostering scholars and intellectuals who have the knowledge, but lack the necessary piety and religiosity is one of the tactics the arrogance uses to spread disagreement in the Islamic world.”

Hojatoleslam Ali Nasiri pointing to the Supreme Leader’s recent statements on the Cockney and American Shiisms and their dangers said "One of the techniques that has been recognized by tyrants and arrogance systems from old times is the weapon of religion against religion.

That is, some times we have an indiscriminate opposition with religion. To suppress a religion or kill its followers has a long history. The enemies have not found their answer in it.”

"To achieve its goals, the arrogance system uses religion against religion with some characteristics,” he stated.

Nasiri added "Where religious rituals pose no harm to them and do not bother them they will even pay for them.

The main characteristic of such promotions is to spread fissure and disagreement among the Shiite and Sunni. Now in the Syrian issue, European and Western countries have backed down from announcing war, but Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar beat the drum for war.

That’s because it is not an issue of Syria and Lebanon, but that of Iran. These countries will do anything only to weaken Iran.”
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