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Tuesday 17 September 2013 20:46
Imam Reza Peace Be Upon Him
During the Islamic history there are some Sunnis, Shias, Jewish and Armenian who have been healed by the infallible Imams or reached their needs when they have requested.
Imam Reza Peace Be Upon Him

TEHRAN (Asremrooz): During the Islamic history there are some Sunnis, Shias, Jewish and Armenian who have been healed by the infallible Imams or reached their needs when they have requested. However among the infallible Imams, in Iran, Imam Reza (peace be upon him) has more special position so much more greatness of him has been observed. On the other hand, Hazrat Soleyman –Ebn- Hams about the countless rewards for his pilgrims said “I heard that Musa-ebn –Jafar (peace be upon him) said “ everyone who visit the grave of my son , Ali, God will grant him a reward equivalent to seventy Haj”.
Once Hazrat Abd-Al Azim Hasani (peace be upon him) asked Imam Javad (peace be upon him) “ I do not know I visit your grandfather in Karbala or your father in Mashhad. Imam Javad said “ please wait” then he went inside and came out while he was crying ans said “ those who visit Imam Hussein are a lot but my father does not have more pilgrims”.
In other narrative, Imam Javad (peace be upon him) said “visiting my father is the best because all pilgrims visit imam Hussein (peace be upon him) but those who are special visit my Father”.
Imam’s lifetime
On the eleventh of Dhu al-Qi'dah, 148 AH (December 29, 765 AD), a son was born in the house of Imam Musa al-Kadhim (the seventh Imam of Islam) in Medina, who took over the position of the Imamate, after his father. He was named Ali and titled al-Ridha. Ali al-Ridha's father was martyred in 799, when Ali al-Ridha was 35, and he was given the responsibility of the Imamate.
Imam Reza (peace be upon him) was in Medina before his trip to Marw and was teaching the Islamic rules as well as his grandfathers. The people who lived in Medina loved Imam and they considered him as a kind father. Although Imam had spent most of his life in Medina he had many followers.
Imam Reza in a conversation with Ma’amun said “ this position does not have any advantage for me because when I was in Medina my order was forced in East and west and there was not any more beloved than me when I was passing in the allays. They always asked their needs and I did their requests.
Imamat of Imam Reza (peace be upon him) was announced by his father and grandfather. Especially Imam Kazem repeatedly introduced his son to people. One of the follower of Imam Musa Kazem said “ we were 60 individuals that Imam entered with his son and said “ do you know me?” I said “you are my leader”. He said “say may name and my title” I said “you are Musa-ebn Jafar –ebn Mohammad” he said “who is he with me?” .I said “ he is Ali –ebm Musa” Imam said “ I announced that he is your leader after me”.
In a famous Hadith from Jaber that the holy prophet said “ Imam Reza (peace be upon him ) will be your 8th leader”. Imam Sadeq (peace be upon him) repeatedly told Imam Musa “ Alem of Mohamad Family is your son”.
Political position
Imam Reza was the leader of Muslims about twenty year classified in three parts:
1. The first ten year of his Imamat which coincided with Harun ‘s government
2. Five years coincide with Amin’s government
3. Five years coincide with Ma’amun’s government
Greatness of imam Reza
There are a lot of anecdote of Imam Reza ‘s Greatness published by the name of narrators in different books. According to this report we are going to point some of them in his birthday to be familiar with him.
Dastgheib Martyr quoted from Heidar Aqa Tehrani that “many years ago in the holy shrine of Imam Reza I saw an old man with white hair and beard and moustache . I noticed that he could not move. I helped him and asked his address to get him his house. He said “my house is on Kheirat Khan School”. I got him and I fell in his love. I always went his home and helped him. He said “my name is Ebrahim and I am from Iraq and I can speak Farsi well. I come here to visit Imam Reza every year and I come back. When I was young while car was not invented I walked the holy Shrine. In the first trip there were three young boys who were my friends but they could not come with me and they were so upset because of that. When we wanted to say goodbye they were crying a lot and said “you are young and this is your first rip so Imam Reza (peace be upon him)with give your request so say our hello and remember us by pray”.
I began my trip to Mashhad when I arrived I was tired and upset. I went to the holy shrine then I fell and slept. I dreamed the Imam Reza (peace be upon him) has some letters and gave to the people when he arrived me, he gave four letters . I asked “why four”. He said “one for you and others for your friends”. I said “it is not suitable for you let others do it”. He answered “they are coming to visit me , I have to help them myself”. I opened one of them and I saw it was written the way to escape from the fire of hell is me .
Seyed Nabil Mir Seyed Mohammad Esfahani the grandchild of Mir Seyed Hasan socalled Modaress quoted that Mir Babaye Tabrizi said “ I was eager to say Azan and before my leg was injured I said Azan in one of the village in Tabriz. When I was sick and my leg hurt I could not say Azan. I did not improve although doctors tried more. Once I noticed that some of our neighbors were going to visit Imam Reza ‘s (peace be upon him) shrine”.
I was eager to visit him so I accompanied them. They put me in the carriage and went. There was a man from Babieh among us. When he saw me said “why did you bring him?” they said “we want to ask Imam Reza (peace be upon him) to heal him”.
He laughed. When we arrived I had visited the holy shrine for three days there. On the last day in the evening I noticed a man wearing green clothes, he said “stand up and say Azan”. I said “I cannot”. He ordered me to say Azan and I noticed I can so I stand and shouted “God is the greatest” . When people heard me they said “it is not a time for Azan, why are you saying Azan?”
Because I was eager to it I continued and did not pay attention to them. Suddenly some of them gathered around me and said “he is a man who was sick and he could not stand”. They attacked me to take my clothes. I opened my scarf and escaped safely.
A merchant from Tehran went to Mashhad to visit Imam Reza (peace be upon him)Holy shrine. When he was on a trip, one of his friends dreamed that he is visiting there while Imam Reza (peace be upon him) is sitting on the grave. He has stood in front of Imam and threw something toward Imam and he was so upset. He repeated this act and finally the last one hit Imamd’s head and Imam fell. I woke up frighteningly and asked yourself “ what a dream “
When his friend came back he decided to ask some question to find out the reason of his dream. He asked “where were you?” he answered “ to visit Imam Reza’ (peace be upon him) shrine” he cried and continued “ when I visited the shrine saw a woman there and put my hand on her hand . She went to another side and I followed her.
People who live in Systan and Baluchestan are so patient and hardworking. some of them immigrated to the Gorgan. They lost in farms and rain. Borzu and his family is one of them. Because of hard work he missed his eyes and his wife was so sick. Their older daughter married and their younger daughter Goljamal managed the family. She was a kind and friendly girl and they loved them.
In addition to work in the farm, she was doing household chores. She was thinking that I worked more and more and my brothers are getting older and we will be lucky.
Unfortunately a disaster made them upset. Their older daughter was disappeared and her body found later. They were more sick and Goljamal went to the semester every day and she was sick to . He did not improve although they tried.
On the first day of Khordad in 1370 he went to Mashhad and visited the holy shrine and said “ oh. Imam Reza you know my dad is blind and my mom is disable I have five younger brothers and I have to work and bring money for them”. I hope you heal me. Suddenly she slept and dreamed Imam Reza (peace be upon him) wearing in green clothes. He said “my daughter come to visit”. He wake up and went to the holy shrine and she was healed.
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